Ay, hair Why do men go bald

Maria Soboleva

Hey, hair! Why do men go bald?

Is baldness in men a sign of male power, sexuality, or a reason for seeking medical attention? Is it possible to stop the process of hair loss and regain the luxuriant hair? Why do the representatives of the stronger sex lose their hair - is it a disease or a natural process? All about baldness: causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention - will be found in this article.

About 70% of the strong half of humanity suffer from baldness in its various forms. Moreover, some men start losing their scalp after 20 years. By the age of 70, noticeable hair loss is already observed in 80% of the male population.


Why do men grow bald?

Hair loss is due to various causes. We distinguish the main ones: hormonal factor and heredity.

Men, do not be intimidated by the complex phrase "androgenetic alopecia." This is the name of baldness caused by genes and hormones. 95% of men bald by this type.


At first, the hair just becomes thinner, shorter, turns into a fluff, and then leaves your head altogether.

Meticulous scientists (after all, they are mostly men, and very much afraid of balding), found out such a pattern - men who lose their hair in the blood have dihydrotestosterone. This is a hormone that is produced by the enzyme 5 alpha reductase from the well-known male sex hormone testosterone.

Insidious dihydrotestosterone and accelerates hair loss in men. The follicle struck by it throws out hair that has not yet had time to grow.


The next hair will live even less, because negative changes have begun in the hair bulb, and it can no longer give birth to a healthy hair. As a result, the bulb produces nothing at all and dies off, and baldness is progressively progressing.

Hormones, it turns out, are still half the problem, but if there is a hereditary predisposition, then a man’s smooth, shiny head cannot be avoided.


Few people know, but to blame for balding you need not lost hair dad, and ancestors on the maternal line. From them, baldness is inherited in 80% of cases.

At the same time, women who transmit the baldness gene to their sons themselves rarely suffer from hair loss, mainly due to diseases. It's all about the physiological difference between the sexes.


In women, the gene that provokes an abnormal hair follicle response to the hormone testosterone does not appear.

In the case of baldness, genetic laws work against men.
But this is not all the causes of male pattern baldness. The process is influenced by other factors:

  • age - few people to a ripe old age retain their lush head of hair;
  • the use of steroids - by increasing muscles with the help of such drugs, you risk losing hair;

  • hormonal changes and metabolic disorders;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • Stress is a very important factor, and our men at the modern pace of life are subject to them almost without exception;
  • radioactive exposure (for example, in the army in the missile forces);
  • some medications.

Is baldness treatment effective?


If you like baldness and you are ready to take an example from the charismatic Bruce Willis, Gosha Kutsenko and Fyodor Bondarchuk, then you do not need to do anything. Having a smooth skull, you conquer women's hearts, because many ladies are sure that bald men are the sexiest.

If you have a different opinion about baldness, then urgent action is taken. Find the root of your problem can only specialist.Such a doctor is called a trichologist, he knows almost everything about hair. The main thing is not to get a dilettante, but to find a really good qualified doctor.

Doctors categorically deny the use of all horse shampoos and balms, rubbing in the head of castor oil, pepper and onion.

After all, animals are treated with drugs alone, and people with completely different ones. Pepper and onion disturb the balance of the scalp, and oils block the growth of new hair.

You will need a survey, which includes a careful study of your pedigree, a thorough examination, testing. After that, you will be assigned to treatment.

It is individual in each case, but there are also general principles. You will be required to give up alcohol, adhere to a certain diet, use of drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Consider a situation where everything is still not completely hopeless, your hair began to leave you not so long ago, and there is a chance to stop the process of falling out.

You can be given a massage - an excellent procedure, pleasant and relaxing. Massage stimulates biologically active points, improves tissue trophism, activates the blood supply to the hair follicles.
The massage is carried out with the help of a brush made from natural materials: wood, horn, ebonite, bristles. Apply circular movements - from the temples to the crown and to the back of the head, from the forehead to the back of the head.
Another type of massage is a special device - Darsonval comb. Its essence - in the impact on the scalp with alternating current of high frequency.

The device of Darsonval is an electrode in the form of a hairbrush that is used to massage the head. There are home and professional versions of the device. The course of treatment includes from 10 to 15 procedures, in a month it can be repeated if necessary.

Those who are bald, often prescribed hardware treatment methods. Their plus is that modern devices diagnose alopecia: they determine the type of baldness, the structure of the hair and the bulbs, the ratio of healthy and thin hair.

Accurate diagnosis helps to find an effective treatment. Hardware methods include:

  • ultrasound therapy of the scalp. Ultrasound activates metabolic processes, tones blood vessels, stimulates hair follicles;
  • galvanic peeling of the skin. This technique combines the effects of galvanic current and peeling sera. Peeling activates hair growth. Apply it in the treatment of dandruff and seborrhea;
  • micro-ionization of the scalp. The drugs are injected into the skin with a spray nozzle, the molecules of the active substances penetrate into the hair follicles;
  • “Laser shower” - the hairy part is affected by a pulsed laser, an electromagnetic field and infrared radiation.

For the treatment of baldness you can offer injection methods:

  • Ozone therapy - subcutaneous injection of ozone-oxygen mixture. The procedure strengthens skin immunity, stimulates blood flow;
  • Mesotherapy - microinjections of drugs, vitamin and mineral complexes in the skin of the head. The composition of the medical cocktail is selected individually, it can include, in addition to vitamins and trace elements, also steroids and vasodilators.

In general, the treatment of baldness requires an integrated approach. In addition to massage, hardware methods, injections, you will be offered cosmetics: ointments, gels, masks, balms, shampoos (external therapy).


The doctor will pick up medications that you need to drink. The result will not be immediate, improvement can be seen after 6-10 months.

Minoxidil-based products are often used in the treatment of baldness. But they will have to use it all the time. After discontinuation of the medication, the hair will begin to fall out again When using other medicines, fortified hair is able to last from 1 year to 3 years.

Men need to know an important thing - to completely stop androgenetic alopecia and return hair until it is unreal. They can only be transplanted. But to fight against baldness, and in a timely manner, it is necessary.


Various methods will help you to stop the process of hair loss, strengthen viable hair follicles.


But you need to know - if more than half a year in some places the hair does not grow at all, treatment can be useless. It means that in these zones the hair follicles have already died. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor in time.

Hair transplantation

Transplantation is an extreme measure, when no other treatment has any effect.

In addition to the high cost of such a method, men may be alerted by the following: sometimes after hair transplantation, scars and scars may remain on the scalp, headaches will haunt (sometimes even for 3 years).

It is important to know in advance what degree of hair density your doctors guarantee after transplantation - the natural density of hair is 100 pieces per 1 square meter. see. And the postoperative effect can be only from 30 to 40 hairs per 1 square meter. cm.

A more modern method today is hair transplantation using HFE technology.

Transplantation is carried out with microneedles of 0.5-0.8 mm in size, after the procedure there are no cuts or scars. Pain and swelling are also excluded. The percentage of survival of hair is high - from 90 to 98%, postoperative recovery takes place within 3-5 days.

To keep your hair as long as possible even in the presence of the baldness gene and hormonal surges, men should take a closer look at their appearance and their health.

Success in the fight against baldness depends on how timely you noticed the problem, sounded the alarm and began to take active measures. In general, men are lucky - they love even bald. And by the way, many people are bald.

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  • Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald

    Ay, hair Why do men go bald