Best books to read in adolescence

Anastasia Sergeeva

Best books to read in adolescence

We know how difficult it is now to choose what to read to a teenager: it has become too difficult to find "diamonds" among the dominant short-term teenage bestsellers who seem to be created for loud Hollywood film adaptations, as well as modern fantasy, which provides a teenager with a fascinating story, but does not leave him serious food for thought. Therefore, we turned to the proven classics, user reviews and ratings of world print and online publications to identify the really best books for teenagers that they can advise with peace of mind.

Best books for teens - what's worth reading to a teenager

Immediately make a reservation that our review includes only the works of foreign writers checked and recognized all over the world, since the best domestic books for teenagers are a rather extensive body of literature that deserves a separate list.

Alexandre Dumas "The Count of Monte Cristo"

First in the best books for teenagers, we will write down this voluminous novel of the famous French writer, the author of The Three Musketeers and The Countess de Monsoreau. Even some adults find it difficult to break away from the pages of this novel, let alone talk about impressionable and dreamy young girls and young men! In addition, the work is rich and fascinating plot, and arguments on moral and ethical themes, and apt statements that teenagers like to disassemble for quotes and write (or put in the "status" in social networks, to whom that).

Count of Monte Cristo

It should be said that the book covers a large time period - not years, but dozens of years. The happy life of a young sailor Edmond Dantes collapses in a flash when he is unjustly accused and thrown into the prison of the Chateau d'If. Only fourteen years later, he manages to escape. Calling himself the Count of Monte Cristo, the fugitive decides to find his offenders, who have taken him for so many years and deprived of happiness, and take revenge on them, having broken their lives in the same way.

William Golding "Lord of the Flies"

If you do not recommend this work to your child, or if he himself accidentally does not stumble upon it in such reviews on the best books that everyone (and not just a teenager) must read, then it is quite possible that it will pass by him.He is not even in the school curriculum, with rare exceptions - and in vain, because with the topics raised in it just need to get acquainted in the teenage years. The “Lord of the Flies” will tell them about how cruel outwardly innocent children can be, and people in principle, about the moral degradation of society, the power of power and religion, the essence of man and about humanity in general.

Lord of the Flies

A group of boys miraculously survive after a plane crash and find themselves on a desert island. They understand that they can’t expect quick help, and they try to organize their stay on the island in order to survive: they decide who will support the fire, get food, and they also appoint the leader of the group, for which, however, two candidates immediately claimed. And the loser is not going to calm down and obey the order established by someone else, which ultimately leads to completely unexpected and shocking consequences.

Harper Lee "To Kill a Mockingbird"

This novel is just a mandatory item on the list of good teenage literature. This is one of the best examples of how literature can not only enthrall with narration, but also as a result teach the child the correct talk about such problems of society not only of the last century, but also of modern society, such as social inequality, racism, prejudices of society, shortcomings of education, as well as foster a sense of justice, compassion and kindness in a teenager.

To Kill a Mockingbird

The story is conducted on behalf of Jean - a girl nicknamed Glazastik, who lives with her older brother Jim and dad - Atticus Finch, a single father and part-time honest and fair attorney. Children live, grow, play and communicate with peers in the city, and their main fun is gossip about a certain “Scarecrow” Radley - their neighbor, who for unknown reasons never shows a nose from home. Meanwhile, Jin and Jim's father have to defend a black man unjustly accused of violence against a white American woman at the trial - and the mysterious hermit will have to play an important role in the development of this story.

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Charles Dickens "The Adventures of Oliver Twist"

In fact, many of the books of this famous English writer can be described as the best to read in adolescence, but we and millions of readers around the world agree,that “The Adventures of Oliver Twist” especially deserved this title.

The Adventures of Oliver Twist

And let the protagonist of this work is still a child, having read this book as a teenager, you can not only be interested in the difficult ups and downs in the life of little Oliver, who has to wander through the slums of London and contact dangerous people, but also fully realize those lessons, which he extracted from them.

Jerome D. Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye"

It is impossible to go past this popular book for teenagers, which almost all teenagers find sooner or later, even if adults do not advise it to them. And this is not surprising, because everyone is still talking about it - after all, and this novel had a significant impact on world literature and the whole culture of the 20th century. Yes, and it tells the book about exactly the same teenager - a sixteen year old boy named Holden Caulfield, who was expelled from a private school for academic failure. He returns home, considering how to inform relatives about this trouble, at the same time meets new people, rethinks old acquaintances, and shares with the reader the flow of his experiences and heightened perception of reality.

Over Abyss in the Rye

An adult who reads such a novel, of course, makes no sense — it will not impress you.And the teenager will not find in this fashionable book of great morality or exciting adventures. But she is likely to be close to him. After all, she is about what worries each of them now, and once worried us in our teens - about finding ourselves, about trying to revolt, teenage depression and unwillingness to understand the world in which adults live.

O. Henry "The Gifts of the Magi"

In the best books for teenagers, we decided to add this touching novel by such an acknowledged master of short stories as O. Henry. Although it was written more than a hundred years ago, it is still very popular with adolescents and very quickly read: and not even because of its short volume, but because of the amazing lightness of the narrative - so we don’t even see much sense in the annotations to her. But rest assured: just a few pages are able, absolutely without any vulgarity, to demonstrate to young readers the power of true love, care and readiness to make sacrifices for a loved one, and also that no material wealth can be more important than sincere feelings.

Gifts of the Magi

Of course, modern literature for teenagers, in particular, whole series of books in the fantasy genre, also occupy their place in the list of favorite works of teenagers.We will not talk about the book sagas of recent years, but you will learn about the fantastic books of the 2000s to adolescents from the following video:

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  • Best books to read in adolescence

    Best books to read in adolescence

    Best books to read in adolescence

    Best books to read in adolescence

    Best books to read in adolescence

    Best books to read in adolescence

    Best books to read in adolescence

    Best books to read in adolescence

    Best books to read in adolescence

    Best books to read in adolescence

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