Can I make a quiche pie at home?

Can I make a quiche pie at home?

The history of the appearance of quiche

The first mention of the quiche dates from the 16th century. According to him, the inhabitants of one of the provinces of Lorraine (fr.) Or Lothringen (him) after kneading dough for bread and its pastries, decided not to throw out the leftovers.

The resulting pieces were combined and laid out in the form, there added a little smoked meat and filled with a mixture, which included cream and eggs.So it turned out to be an open pie, which over time was named Kish Loren (after the province).

The original recipe was recognized by the French as "not enough cheese", so they decided to add their favorite product to the ingredients.

Over time, the bread dough was replaced by sand and puff options. Changes have occurred with the filling. Now she could be not only meat, but also fish, vegetable and even fruit.

Quiche pie with vegetablesToday, the ability to cook a quiche cake can be a real lifesaver for you.

  1. First, the satiety of the dish allows them to feast on them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  2. Secondly, a variety of options will allow you to choose a recipe that is most appreciated by your loved ones or guests.
  3. Thirdly, quiche can be cooked every day, but it can also decorate a festive table.
  4. Fourth, the cake will be delicious both hot and cold. Therefore, even the next day you will be able to evaluate this dish.

Did we intrigue you? Then let me introduce you to a few popular quiche recipes.

Today, quiche is cooked with various fillings - from broccoli to meat with fish. Very tasty is a pie with mushrooms and cheese, with cauliflower and salmon, with feta cheese and chicken.

Classic Kish Loren

Mini quiche pieTo cook traditional quiche loren, you will need several groups of ingredients:

  1. For the dough - flour (200g), butter (100g), a pinch of salt, cold water (6 tbsp).
  2. For the filling - smoked bacon (possible option with chicken or ham), 150 g. The use of roasted leek will allow you to give it a pleasant aroma.
  3. For pouring - eggs (2 pcs.), 20% cream (200 ml), hard cheese (100 g), ground white pepper (pinch).

You should also prepare a round shape with a diameter of about 20 cm in advance. This is if you want to make one big cake for all.

If you prefer a recipe with a few mini-variants of the dish, as described by Julia Vysotskaya, then prepare smaller and fewer slices.

Cooking the base of quiche

Quiche Loren begins with making dough. Yulia Vysotskaya, by the way, provides for the use of a ready-made layer of dough.

Quiche with mushroomsIf you can’t cook the basics or you are in a hurry, you can safely do the same.

However, we still prefer the classic version, in which the recipe includes cooking and the basics of the cake.

Since the traditional version of the chopped dough is considered, then with it we begin. First sift the flour through a sieve. Add a pinch of salt to it.

Next, take the butter and cut it into small pieces. Now combine the flour with butter and using two knives, grind to crumb.

If desired, you can rub the butter with flour by hand, but then the mixture should be surely put in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour so that the softened butter will again freeze.

Another option is to use a special combine with knives. Then in the resulting mixture, make a recess in which to pour water. Next, the dough is kneaded by hand.

To achieve uniformity will not work, but this is not necessary. Such a cake implies a heterogeneous basis. When finished, roll the dough into a ball and place in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

After the time has elapsed, remove the ball from the cold and roll it on a surface that you must first sprinkle with flour.

The resulting "pancake" must be put in the form or forms (if you make a mini-version, like Julia Vysotskaya).

It is not necessary to lubricate them with additional oil, since it is already enough in the dough. Lay out the dough should be covered with polyethylene and refrigerated for half an hour. While the base will harden, you can heat the oven to 200 ° C.

Before you put the form with quiche in the oven, take a toothpick and pierce the dough with it at the bottom. The fact is that during cooking, the butter will begin to melt and release "fumes", which will lead to the swelling of the dough. And small punctures allow air to escape.

If you want the cake to have a perfectly flat bottom, then before baking, place a circle of baking paper on it and sprinkle dry beans or peas on top.

Bake should be 15 minutes with a load on the bottom and 10 minutes without it. So the bottom will dry out and take on a beautiful shape. That's all, the base for the quiche is Loren ready. It now remains to add its filling.

Add the stuffing in quiche

A slice of quiche with cucumbersThe classic recipe for quiche involves meat stuffing, so we take our bacon and grind.

Next, in a frying pan, it should be slightly fried with leek pieces.

When ready, remove the pan from the heat and proceed to pouring. You need to mix the cream and eggs, and then add the pre-grated hard cheese, a pinch of pepper.

Gently place the brisket and onion on the base, pour the obtained cream mixture on top and put it in the oven.

In half an hour the fragrant and nourishing quiche Loren is ready. Serve it on the table, you can hot or cold.

Quiche recipe with mushrooms, chicken and broccoli florets

This dish with mushrooms, chicken and broccoli florets will surely appeal to those who love to put mushrooms everywhere and in everything.

Chicken quicheAs you know, they not only give the dish a spicy taste, but also increase its satiety. And they are perfectly combined with chicken.

But the use of broccoli makes such a quiche very juicy. In addition, cabbage also has the original taste, which enriches the whole dish.

Making dough for chicken pie, broccoli florets and mushrooms, as well as pouring for the filling does not differ from what the previous recipe contains.

Therefore, we will not dwell on them in detail, but proceed directly to the preparation of the filling.

For the quiche stuffing, you should stock up:

  • broccoli - 200g;
  • fresh mushrooms - 300g;
  • onions - 1 pc .;
  • chicken fillet - 200 g;
  • seasoning to taste.

Starting with broccoli. It must be well washed and boiled. For broccoli, three minutes is enough in boiled water.

Next you need to do mushrooms. They should also be washed, dried, crushed. Chop the onion, too, and place on the pan. Together with the mushrooms, it should be slightly fried.

With the chicken do the same thing - my, grind. Then mix it with mushrooms and onions, add spices to taste.

The basis prepared in advance is placed in a form, leaving a little dough for a side. We bake it in the oven and only after that we lay out the stuffing - onions with mushrooms and chicken.

Broccoli is laid out on top. Now all this needs to be poured over the cream and put in the oven. In half an hour, a quiche with mushrooms, chicken, onions and broccoli will be ready.

Quiche recipe with salmon and cauliflower

A slice of quiche with vegetablesSuch a cake with salmon will be easier compared to previous ones. Quiche with fish and vegetables can be an excellent snack in front of main dishes.

This recipe will certainly appeal to those who care about their health and do not overload their digestion with heavy products.

Preparing dough for salmon pie is no different from the first recipe. The only addition: for more flavor and savory taste, you can add a little ground nutmeg.

The filling is prepared from cauliflower with salmon.

Take 400 g of cauliflower sprigs and soak them for 30 minutes in water with salt. After the inflorescence you need to disassemble, wash well and send it to the pan with salt water. Boil need to boil and 5 minutes after it.

You also need 300 grams of salted salmon. It should be cut into long strips.

Now take the base (you can bake it in advance or take the "raw" from the refrigerator), laid out in a form with formed sides.

On the bottom in a circle laid cabbage inflorescences with salmon. All this on top is very carefully poured with a creamy mixture.

Next, the quiche with salmon is sent to a preheated oven. After half an hour, the quiche can be removed. Serve the cake with salmon and cauliflower, you can immediately or give it a little brew.

Quiche Recipe with Spinach and Gruyere Cheese

Perhaps such a quiche is not as satisfying as the version with chicken, mushrooms and broccoli florets, but its taste can be considered truly “French”.

And all because this nation does not imagine a single dish that would not use cheese. And here this product is not just involved, but also its true French variety - Gruyere.

It is believed that the traditional French quiche is prepared only from such cheese or Comte. However, other types and varieties of this product were also "chosen" by the French.

So, the recipe for preparing the basics of quiche remained unchanged. We all do the same.

But for the filling recipe recommends stocking up:

  • Butter –1 tbsp. l;
  • shallots chopped - 3 pcs;
  • spinach - 3 bunches;
  • coarse salt, ground black pepper;
  • Gruyere grated cheese - 220 g (about 2 glasses).

With the ingredients should carry out such actions:

  1. Heat the pan with the butter and fry the onion on it.
  2. With constant stirring, add minced spinach to it in a couple of minutes. If everything at once in the pan does not fit, then pour in what fits, and the rest after, when the spinach is “roasted”.
  3. Next, add pepper and salt. Hold on the pan for another 3 minutes and remove from heat.
  4. Using a sieve, spinach should be squeezed from excess liquid and placed on the bottom of the base, which is already in shape.
  5. Sprinkle with grated Gruyere cheese and pour over the creamy mixture.
  6. Bake in the oven should be about an hour, while trying to put a baking sheet in the upper or lower part of the oven (not in the middle!).

Use our recipes for pies with fish, meat and vegetables to diversify the homemade menu and to please your loved ones and guests with a quiche dish.

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  • Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?

    Can I make a quiche pie at home?