Choosing a lover

Choosing a lover

All men behave differently in bed. They have only one thing in common: with the right approach, each of them will be able to give you maximum pleasure. The main thing is to work a little on this.1223386800_0879.300x250


Brutal macho

Favorite position - doggie-style

Favorite phrase: come here baby
His ideal: a flirtatious blonde, trembling in front of her master.
Taboo: riot and feminist habits.

This is a real sex machine: always, everywhere, for hours. He probably heard the word "prelude", but clearly did not consider it necessary to find out what it is. You will not catch him with candles and laces either - both will be on the floor in a moment, swept away by a violent impulse of passion.

The secret of success: macho is completely confident in his own irresistible and does not tolerate when a woman tries to take the initiative.
Tactics: request: "Dear, you are so wonderful. You know, I dream that you ..." A real macho will not be able to deny his little dolls in small whims.

The main thing is to act capriciously and do not forget to thank with passionate moans.

The shy man

Favorite posture: keep secret
Favorite phrase: you did not like it?
His ideal: attentive and understanding woman
Taboo: irony

Lack of experience, Puritan upbringing or the location of the stars influenced, but for some reason he is well-oh-very unsure of himself. Even after your multiple orgasms, he will sigh sadly and once again doubt his own attractiveness.
The secret of success: praise and guide. The first is sincere, the second is unobtrusive. Do not rush things, do not focus on his shyness - and in a couple of months you will begin to envy yourself.
Tactics: a sentence-question "Would you rather not ..."


Favorite posture: faded lotus at sunset
Favorite phrase: I am captivated by the look of your eyes
His ideal: aerial stranger
Taboo: anal sex, life and cellulite

Sex for him is the harmony of soul and body. Exquisite compliments, candles and amazing foreplay will delight you and make you melt with passion. In order not to cool down during the main part - be ready to take the initiative in their own hands. Sometimes - in the truest sense of the word.
The secret of success: Do what you want.

The main thing is to talk about it in the process, only as beautiful and romantic as possible.With proper PR, it is easy to turn an elevator booth into a love lock.

Tactics: unobtrusive leadership. "I am all burning with passion when you ..."


Favorite posture: new, not yet tried
Favorite phrase: I have a surprise for you!
His ideal: Extreme
Taboo: monotony

You don’t have to be bored with him, but to experience an orgasm in the pose of a flying dragon, spying on a flowering bamboo, does not happen every time. Yes, and you also don’t want to call your girlfriend Sveta into bed.
The secret of success: emancipation and fantasy.

Do not want to play other people's games - offer your own.

And on a completely unacceptable proposal answer the same. Girlfriend Sveta? No problems. Only then, with the bodybuilder Vitya and his two friends.
Tactic: an alternative sentence: "Let's better ..."


Favorite posture: the one in which the cubes are visible on his stomach
Favorite phrase: I was on top
His ideal: an enthusiastic fan
Taboo: criticism

Even in the kindergarten, the girls were tied to him with laces and given away compote. Still, to such a handsome man. And now, from the sincerely confident that to gratify him in bed is your blue dream
The secret of success: it is unlikely that you will be able to convince the narcissus that during quillingus he is more beautiful than usual. But if you play on his self-esteem more subtly, you can achieve a lot.

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  • Choosing a lover

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    Choosing a lover

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    Choosing a lover

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