How to cook Ossetian pie at home

How to make Ossetian pie at home?

Dish features

It is known that Ossetian pies have a thousand-year history. The traditional form of this dish is a circle with a diameter of 35 cm, although a triangular shape can be used in honor of religious holidays.

Such pies are stuffed with cheese and have a special name - Artazhyhont. Regardless of the form, it is customary to put on the table the individual dishes on which these three pieces of dough lie.

At the same time, the upper cake is slightly shifted to the left side (from the oldest one at the table) so that the amount of baking can be seen.

The number "3" is a religious symbol that represents the unity of God, the Sun and the Earth. And only at the wake Ossetian pies put 2 or 4 pieces.

The dough for this dish is prepared according to a special recipe. If you do everything right, then you get a product that has a very soft, tender, melting dough in your mouth.

Ossetian pie, near onions and cheeseAccording to the recipe, it should be located not only from below, but also on top of the filling.

With the right preparation, pastries will be delicious and soft even the next day.

By the way, the skill of the hostess is determined by the thickness that the dough has: the thinner it is, the more skillful the cook is considered.

An important characteristic of this dish is its satiety.

1-2 pieces are enough to satisfy even a very strong hunger. Therefore, Ossetian pies will be an excellent option for a large company.

The richness is achieved not only by the fact that the dough is used in a double portion, but also by the presence of a sufficient amount of filling.

Believe me, it is very difficult not to notice it in the Ossetian pies. A variety of options allows everyone to choose their favorite dish.

You can find a recipe for a pie with beans, greens (chopped beets or cabbage leaves), with meat, cheese, pumpkin, potatoes and many others. The main thing is to follow the recipe to achieve the perfect effect.

Each option has not only its own cooking secrets, but also a separate name. The most popular and favorite are the recipes of Walibah (with cheese), Potatoes (with potatoes and cheese), Fydzhyn (with meat).

Baking Ossetian pies doesn’t cause much difficulty, however, in order to achieve an ideal result, you should acquire some experience and skill.

By tradition, only women are engaged in cooking, since for a man such an activity is considered demeaning.

However, if you like unusual and tasty dishes, this should not stop you. Follow the instructions step by step, and creating traditional Caucasian pastries at home will not create difficulties for you.

Traditional Ossetian Pie: from the beginnings to the present day

Ossetian pies today are not an exotic treat, this dish of Caucasian cuisine has long become familiar to us. And if traditional pies were cooked with cheese, now the beet leaves, zucchini, cabbage, ramson and many other things are used as a filling.

Also traditionally cooks fydchin - meat pie with beef - for important holidays. Most modern recipes are more modern versions, which, nevertheless, like many. Today you can order Ossetian pies for every taste!

How to cook the dough

Slices with Ossetian cake and a number of vegetables and greensFor successful cooking you should, first of all, take care to prepare the dough properly.

The traditional option involves the creation of bases on yeast grown on the brew.

Such a dough should result in a soft, pliable and at the same time keep the shape.

Using the recipe described below, you can get a version of the base that can be stored in the refrigerator to get at the right time and make a delicious cake. However, no one forbids you to use it immediately upon readiness.

To create a brew, take:

  • dry yeast (1 tsp);
  • flour (1 tsp);
  • sugar (1 tsp);
  • milk (50 ml).

A portion of the yeast should be mixed with flour and sugar. Then the milk is heated and warm to pour into the mixture. Now all this should be mixed again and put in heat to form a foam.

Next, you should prepare the ingredients for the dough.

In addition to the sponge, you will additionally need:

  • warm milk (100 ml);
  • kefir (250 ml);
  • flour (600 g);
  • butter (30 g);
  • salt (1 tsp).

To get the dough for the pie, you need to take a large bowl. Sift the flour into it, create a small depression and pour the dough there.

You also need to add a prescription butter (its pre-melt), milk, kefir and salt. The contents of the bowl must be very well mixed, and then put the bowl in a warm place.

The dough is suitable for 1-2 hours, depending on the temperature in the room. As soon as you notice readiness, the foundation should be well kneaded and begin to form products.

If the filling is ready (you can make a pie with meat, with greens, with pumpkin, with potatoes and cheese), then proceed to the collection of the product.

Cake picking and baking

Pie stuffed with pepperVery important and perhaps the most difficult stage.

If you do everything correctly, then the Ossetian pies will come out “as they should,” and you will proudly put them on the table in front of guests and relatives.

First of all, knead the dough. Then it needs to be divided into several parts (from 3 to 5) and download each one into a small ball.

Here, it is rather difficult to specify the exact size, since everything depends on the dishes in which you will be cooking or serving pastries.

It is traditionally considered to be the ideal size of the ball, so that it fits easily in two women's palms.

The next step is putting each piece on a floured table. Then from each part it follows with hands (!) To form a circle. Stretch the dough should be very careful not to tear.

Next, the filling is laid on the base.Whatever Ossetian pie you cooked - with meat, greens, pumpkin, potatoes, cheese or something else - remember that saving on stuffing is a bad form. Spread it in large quantities.

And now we should turn our cake into a “bun”. And it must be done so that the filling remains inside the dough.

To do this, the base is taken over the edges, glistened with a “seam” in the center and turns into a new ball. Here you should prevent the formation of thick seams and clumps of dough.

Be sure to check the tucks for strength. Now you make a small depression in the center and pull the dough out with your hands so that the sides are formed.

Next, you need to put the cake in a baking dish on a special paper. In this case, the seams should be at the bottom.

Smoot out the upper part again with your fingers, removing clusters of dough and bumps. The cake must be carefully arranged in a circle so that there are no gaps anywhere.

The final touch - the formation of a small hole in the middle - we finish the preparation for baking. This is done to ensure that the dough is not swollen and is not torn in the oven.

Bake should be in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.Before you bake a cake, do not forget to grease it with plenty of butter on top.

Variety of fillings

Anything can be put inside the Ossetian pie. The base goes well with meat and greens, beans and pumpkin, potatoes and cheese, and even fruits, nuts.

It is only important to respect the proportion: 2 parts of the filling for 1 part of the test. Pies, depending on the content, are distinguished by name.

Fydzhyin or meat pies

Two pieces of Ossetian greens pieTo prepare such a filling is easy. It is important to remember that meat pies should be eaten very carefully: firstly, the filling is very juicy, and secondly, it can be very hot.

The recipe for preparing content is simple. First you need to take the veal tenderloin (300 g).

After thorough washing and cutting into small pieces, send it to the meat grinder.

Here you need to add garlic (2 cloves) with greens (1 bunch). When finished with meat, take 3 onions and chop them very finely.

Now mix the minced meat with onions, add pepper and salt (to taste). Everything, the filling for the pie with meat is ready. Then it remains only to collect and form products with meat.

Walibach, Habizgen or cheese pies

This type of filling is the most popular.And all because cheese is one of the most favorite products in Ossetia. Previously, it was prepared from any kind of milk (cow, goat, sheep).

For the preparation of pastries could be used one of the types of cheese or a mixture of different types. The most ideal option for cheese pies is real Ossetian cheese.

However, if you do not have the opportunity to purchase this product, then the recipe allows you to replace it with feta cheese. The main condition is that it should be very salty and rather fat.

The recipe for making dough is simple. You need to take 500 grams of cheese and chop it. You can do it by hand or by using a fine grater.

Next, add salt (to taste), still mixed, divided into 3 parts (by the number of parts of the dough) and laid out on the base.

If you want to make a pie with cheese even more delicious, you can take not one, but several types of cheese. For example, delicious is baking from a filling, where cheese is mixed in equal proportions with Adygei cheese.

Another option is to use cheese with greens. It can be beet tops, spinach leaves and so on. The recipe involves the use of cheese and greens in approximately equal proportions.

Pumpkins or potatoes can also be added.

But in this case pies are obtained, which have a completely different name:

  • Tsaharajin - cheese with beet greens;
  • Davondzhyn - cheese with wild garlic;
  • Potatoes - cheese and potatoes.

Potato or cheese and potato pie

The recipe for making dough is simple. For the filling you will need 1 kg of potatoes, 2 onions and 500 g of salted cheese (your choice).

Peel potatoes, cut and cook mashed potatoes. Then add chopped onion and cheese. All this needs to be mixed, divided into several parts (by the number of bases) and put on the dough.

Pies are collected, baked and all - you can serve on the table. Believe me, this original recipe will be surely appreciated by men and does not stint on compliments.

After all, such baking will be not only delicious, but also nourishing (yielding, perhaps, to a pie with meat).

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  • How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home

    How to cook Ossetian pie at home