How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

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How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

A splinter is a petty but annoying nuisance. Each of us has encountered it at least once. It interferes with normal life and work, constantly distracts and causes pain. Under a skin or under a nail it is possible to drive both a wooden chip, and a splinter of glass or a piece of metal, and also a plant thorn. In such a situation, you need to knowhow to pull a splinter.

How to pull a splash mechanically

Splitting in the finger can lead to infection and boil. Therefore, you should try to remove it immediately. At the same time, the safety and painlessness of the procedure is important.

Remove the splinter pin

Best of all, when the tip of a splinter sticks out of the skin, then it will be easier to pull it out. It is not necessary to press on it, otherwise there is a risk of breaking it or driving it deeper under the skin.

  • Before removing the splinters, the place should be washed and dried, and then treated with alcohol or cologne. If the thumb in the finger is too small, then a magnifying glass will help you see it. If the place of entry is poorly visible, you need to treat the skin with a solution of potassium permanganate.From this, the skin will stain, and the place where the splinter has fallen will be seen better.
  • You can quickly remove the splinter by using both a needle and tweezers or tweezers. The instrument must first be sanitized in alcohol or boiling water.
  • The tweezers will come to the rescue if the tip of the splinters sticks out. Then you can grab it and gently pull it out. If she stuck deep, she would have to scratch the skin with a needle to pry the stuck shard. This method is quite painful.

More gentle wayhow to pull a splinter- use adhesive tape or adhesive tape. It must be stuck to the place of injury and pulled to the opposite side from the place of entry.

Pull out the splinter with adhesive plaster

After the splinter has been removed, the place should be lubricated with alcohol or cologne, and then sealed with an antibacterial adhesive. It is necessary to observe the wound left after the operation for a couple of days so that there is no inflammation.

Pulling small splinters, as a rule, is much more difficult than large ones. But a splinter under the nail can also cause a lot of trouble to a person.

How to pull a splinter from under the nail

A splinter under the nail is capable of delivering a lot of trouble.After all, there are a lot of nerve endings, so this injury is very painful. During the times of the Inquisition, under the nails, the needles were pushed under the nails in order to deliver hellish pain to a person and extract recognition from him.How to pull a splinterfrom under the nail?


In addition to pain, a splinter under the nail is dangerous because of the possibility of a disease such as gas gangrene. Indeed, in the absence of oxygen anaerobic infection multiplies. Therefore, it is important to know how to pull the splinter out from under the nail to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Try to steam your finger in hot water with salt or soda. Keep your finger in the water until it cools down. After a while, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated. Usually it helps to get rid of splinters.

If it was not possible to independently get the splinter, it is necessary to seek help in the hospital. The doctor, under local anesthesia, will extract the shard and then properly treat the wound.

How to remove the thorn with the help of folk remedies

There are many popular wayshow to quickly pull the splinter:

  • Baking soda. Dilute soda with water to make a slurry.Apply it to the place of injury, and then seal the place with a plaster.
  • Ichthyol ointment. It should be put in place of a splinter, and then sealed with a plaster. The next day, remove the patch. It should come out and stick to the patch.

Ichthyol ointment

  • Fat. A small piece should be applied to the finger at night and pinned.
  • Potatoes. Tie the cut potatoes to the place of the splinter. Potato juice should pull out a shard. This is the best way to pull a splinter without a needle.
  • Tar. On a splinter you need to apply a greased tar bandage and leave it for 20 minutes. After a while, the splinter will show its tip, you can grab it and pull it out. In addition, the resin will protect the finger from infection, because it has antibacterial properties. This method is good when there was a thorn in the child.
  • Kalanchoe. The leaves need to chop, add to the mixture of grated onions and carrots, and then attach to the injury site. This mixture should also pull the splinter.
  • Banana. The inner skin of a banana should be applied to the finger and wound overnight. This will help pull out the tip, for which you can then pull it out.

Banana treatment

  • Olive oil. You need to warm it up and hold your finger in it for a couple of minutes.After that, it will be easy to pull out even a deep splinter.
  • Cottage cheese or yogurt. This tool is also tied at night. It helps relieve inflammation and expel pus.
  • Clay. It must be diluted with water. And the resulting flat cake to the splinter for a couple of hours. This method is good when you have a deep splinter that you didn’t remove right away.
  • Barley grain. Make a strong solution of salt in boiling water and put a grain of barley there. After an hour, pull it out of the water and stick it on the night with a plaster. In the morning, take it off. A splash should stick to the seed.
  • Bread. Chew a piece without a crust, stick the crumb to the splinter, securing with a plaster. A splash should come out in 4-6 hours. The wound must be sanitized.

Bread Treatment

As you can see, wayshow to pull a splinter, There are many. The main thing after the procedure is not to forget to decontaminate the place of injury so that no infection gets into the wound. Alcohol, vodka, cologne, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, brilliant green, iodine, or synthomycin liniment will do. If suppuration has begun, contact a medical institution.

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  • How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

    How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

    How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

    How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

    How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

    How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

    How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

    How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

    How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

    How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways

    How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways How to pull a splash - 15 proven ways