Names for girls. How to choose

Olga Nagornyuk

Names for girls. How to choose?

The name given by parents remains with us for life, merging with our essence and invisibly influencing our character and behavior. Often, moms and dads look for names for girls on the Internet, choosing the most euphonious ones, and name them babies, not suspecting that they are called "chick" or "eight."

Name selection rules

Starting the choice of a name, listen to the opinion of psychologists who say: the name affects the character. "Hard" names with a predominance of voiced consonants, form its carrier solid spirit, willpower and determination. These include such names for girls:

  • Daria (Pers.lady) - a girl with that name will be the leader in all games, study well, and subsequently hold leadership positions;

Head girl

  • Bogdana (glory.given by gods) - lays the foundation for a difficult and controversial character, in which stubbornness is combined with appeasability, and determination gets on with compliance;
  • Gerda (dr-germ.mighty spear) - receiving such a name, the girl with it acquires the features of a male character: determination, courage and purposefulness.

Do not underestimate the impact of the value of the name on the character of its carrier. Beautifully sounding names for girls sometimes have a very unsightly meaning. Therefore, we advise parents to be interested in the semantics of the word before giving them their daughter:

  • "Leah" from Hebrew translates as chick. Imagine that someone from classmates found out about the meaning of a name, what can you expect from them?

The girl is not happy

  • “Octavia” in Latin means “eighth”. The ancient Romans so called women born in the 8th month of the year. But not everyone is aware of this, but the majority have associations with their eighth wife in a harem;
  • "Olivia" in the literal translation from the Greek - the olive tree. The plant may be beautiful, but would her daughter like to have him as a name?
  • Praskovya is a derivative of the Greek Paraskeva: this is how the ancient Greeks called the eve of the holiday, that is, Friday. Not a very good name, and the association with the heroine of the Italian film based on Defoe's novel is also not a pleasant one;
  • "Evelyn" translated from Old French meanshazelnut. Of course, you can search for the roots of this word in Old English, where it meant “beautiful bird”, but there is still an unpleasant aftertaste.

It would not be superfluous to know the history of the origin of the name, otherwise your daughter will be named after V. I. Lenin or a tractor, and it is unlikely that you will be grateful for that. Here are the names for girls, formed from the names of famous personalities, or events that took place in our history:

  • Ninel: the surname Lenin, read from right to left;
  • Vladlena: occurred as a result of the merger of the name and surname of the leader of the world proletariat;
  • Tractor: the girls began to be called by this name in the post-revolutionary years, when the first tractors appeared on the fields;

Girl laughs

  • Dazdraperma: the beginning of this name put the slogan "Long live the First of May!", From the initial syllables of which formed the word, causing our contemporaries to have completely different associations;
  • Lenar: consists of two words - "Lenin" and "army".

Looking through the names for girls in search of the beautiful and rare, always ask yourself the question: is it compatible with the surname and patronymic? You must admit that Tsatsa Ivanovna Netudykhata and Suzanna Petrovna Korovina are distinguished not only by inconsistency, but also raise doubts about the presence of a sense of taste in a person who has allowed such an absurd combination.


Of course, becoming an adult, the daughter will be able to change her name, but think about how much ridicule she will have to go through before that?


Is it possible to name the daughter in honor of the deceased grandmother? Why not? The Slavs have long been handed down names from generation to generation, as if bearing the imprint of the history of the family. There is nothing wrong with passing the name of a good person to your daughter. There are many examples of women around us who bore the names of their already deceased grandmothers, but who lived a happy life.


However, the names that bear the imprint of a tragic fate (early deaths, death in car accidents, war, etc.) are better not to consider as possible options.

Sad girl

Another way to choose a rare name for the daughter is to name her in honor of the saint, whose memory day coincides with the birthday of the girl. Thus, according to the Church, the child for life receives the patronage of the canonized martyr.

Rare names for girls

In order to facilitate your task, we picked up rare and beautiful girlish names, whose neighborhood next to the patronymic names of Slavic origin will not cause a sarcastic smile to those around you.


Name Value Traits
Alevtina Alien bad Categorical, sharp, purposeful and ambitious, at the same time dreamy, economical and caring
Angelina Angelic Stubborn, irritable, capricious, but has the makings of a leader, a good housewife and wife
Arina Peace Independent, albeit somewhat closed, persistent, hardworking and distinguished by excellent intuition
Borislav Fighting for glory Prudent and capricious, sometimes a little aggressive, which does not prevent her from being a hospitable hostess and good wife.
Violetta Violet Active, courageous, resolute, emotional and diligent, easily converges with people and has creative abilities
Vitalina Life live Feminine and charming, she has a strong character. Feels free in any environment and perfectly manages the situation.
Vladislav Possessor of glory Strong-willed, with innate abilities of the manipulator, energetic. However, it makes decisions for a long time and does not know how to stop in time.
Darina Presented by God Smart and demanding, charming and able to use their strengths. Not always bring to the end and overly proud
Iraida Hero's daughter Self-critical, restrained, strict, punctual, in all like accuracy. Carefully selects friends and girlfriends, but those who are in the close circle are mentally and carefully
Lyubava Favorite Curious, always relies only on herself, has an innate sense of tact and behaves correctly in any situation
Rimma Roman Open, serious, resolute and strong-willed. A fighter by nature, she achieves her own, but at the same time does not take into account the interests and opinions of others
And bath God's mercy Purposeful and consistent, quickly makes decisions and takes action. In relationships with men, guided only by feelings.


Choosing the name of your daughter, “test” him with his relatives and friends: let them express their opinion about the compatibility and harmoniousness of your baby's last name, first name and patronymic, and only then go to the registry office to register the newborn. Good luck!

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • Names for girls. How to choose

    Names for girls. How to choose

    Names for girls. How to choose

    Names for girls. How to choose

    Names for girls. How to choose

    Names for girls. How to choose

    Names for girls. How to choose

    Names for girls. How to choose

    Names for girls. How to choose

    Names for girls. How to choose

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