Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

Review LCD "Water" from the developer MR Group

The residential complex “Water” is located in the northern administrative district of Moscow. Near the metro station "Water Stadium".

High-rise LCD "Water"

The project envisages the construction of 6 monolithic towers of 29 residential levels (and an underground floor - under the parking) and one shopping center.

The project was implemented in 3 stages:

  • the first is a shopping and business center;

  • the second - 5 residential buildings;

  • and also the 3rd stage - the “Hamburg” building (3rd quarter of 2018).

The site for the construction of the complex was acquired by the developer in 2013. All obligatory documentation has been prepared and made publicly available (in accordance with the requirements of the law on shared construction). All houses were built and put into operation (with the exception of the “Hamburg” building). There are appropriate commissioning permits.

The developer representing the project calls the new residential complex a multifunctional one, since all the necessary infrastructure facilities are provided on its territory.Already running a kindergarten. The shopping center receives visitors over 100 stores, as well as a seven-room cinema and food court. Shops, coffee shops and bank branches are located on the first floors of residential buildings.

“Coffee house”

Architectural offices known in the capital, Atrium and SPEECH, took part in the design. At the same time, the general architectural concept was observed. The halls and corridors are individually designed and resemble the decoration of a solid hotel.

House territory is landscaped and landscaped. The yard is closed from cars, it is possible to enter the territory through a barrier only in extreme cases (for ambulance, fire). Private car parking is possible in the underground parking and multi-level ground (about 1250 m / m).

Indoor space

The project was noticed in professional circles - marked as the winner of prestigious competitions: Urban Awards 2015 and 2013 (“The best complex of comfort-class apartments”), “Records of the real estate market” (2015), Move Realty Awards (finalist in the nomination “Project of the year comfort class ”in 2016 and“ New building of Moscow No. 1 in 2014), “National award for achievements in housing construction”, RREF Awards (“Best apartment complex”).

The developer offers 1-3 room apartments and apartments of 39-97 square meters.m, with optimal evroplanirokami.

About area

The location of the residential complex “Water” was formed from three settlements (Nikolskoye, Golovino, Mikhalkovo), the first of which appeared in the 15th century (considered one of the oldest in the capital). According to historians, the name of the district is also associated with the residents of these villages (in particular, the landowner Khovrin-Golova).

Currently, Golovinsky District is the largest residential and industrial area in the Northern Administrative Okrug. The number in 2017 amounted to more than 103 thousand people.

The residential complex is located on the territory of “Old Moscow” and became the decoration of the area. Near the new buildings, typical panel houses and other residential complexes were erected. The main sights of the Golovinsky municipal unit are located nearby: the park of the North River Station, the Khimki Reservoir, and the Golovinsky Ponds.


In general, the northern administrative district of the capital is considered environmentally sound, but some municipalities, including the Golovinsky District, spoil the overall situation, since the largest industrial enterprises operate on their territories.

So in 2016, the Golovinsky district of Moscow entered the top three of anti-rating: there wasrecognized as unfavorable, since the polluting environment of the enterprise (Voykov Chemical Plant, Aviamotornaya Industrial Zone, and other facilities) work within its boundaries, and a radioactive waste repository is located on the bank of the Likhoborka River. Since then, the authorities have seriously thought about the improvement and reorganization of the industrial areas of the district, but even the most expeditious measures will not be able to quickly change the situation for the better.

Smooth environmental conditions in the area of ​​green zones (Park Okzala, park with Golovinsky ponds) and the reservoir of the city with a landscaped beach, promenade, coffee shops and a yacht club. And all this within walking distance of the residential complex “Water” (15 minutes walk).

Educational institutions

In Golovinsky district there are several universities, educational schools and pre-school educational institutions, as well as colleges, a music school. On the territory of the municipality there is a recreation center and an art center, libraries work.

Within a radius of 1.7 km (20 minutes on foot), there are three schools: No. 224 (closest to the complex), 744 (named after Yeremeyev), 1583 (named after Kerimov).

Within a radius of 1 km there are 3 kindergartens, one of which is located in the residential complex (“Gornitsa-Uzornitsa” kindergarten). The second is a branch of the gymnasium, the third is school number 1583.

Also on the first floors of buildings LCD “Water” planned placement of the center of child development.

Health care

In the Golovinsky district there are 4 clinics and one for children. The closest to the residential complex “Water” - №45, is a 9-minute walk.

On the territory of the residential complex "Water" is planned placement of pharmacies and dentistry.

Trade infrastructure

Residents of the Vodny quarter will be able to visit every day a lot of shopping and entertainment infrastructure located around the complex: small shopping centers (KromPark and Krona), pharmacies, specialty stores, banks, a department store.

Trading facilities around the IFC

In walking distance (15 minutes) there is a Dynamo sports complex with a swimming pool, where many different sections operate.

Walking route from the residential complex “Water” to the sports complex “Dinamo”

Also, residents of the IFC will be able to enjoy shopping at the local shopping and business center and attend services, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, beauty salons, shops on the first floors of buildings.

Shops, pharmacies, bank branches on the first floors of buildings IFC

In the 3-level shopping center "Water" they are waiting for: a food court, an extensive food court (top floor), more than a hundred stores,including food and specialized (“Sportmaster”, bookshop, children's goods store)), “Kinomax”, “O’Kay” cinema, fitness center, bank branch.

Transport infrastructure

There are two metro stations within the Golovinsky District: “Water Stadium” (2 minutes on foot from the complex) and “Likhobory” (Moscow Central Ring). The area runs a variety of bus routes and taxis. The road network is developed, which provides transport accessibility to the center of Moscow (travel time is from 40 minutes) and Sheremetyevo Airport. Parallel to the territory of the complex is the largest highway - Leningradskoe Highway (930 m). Convenient trips to Kronstadt Boulevard and Golovinskoe Highway were arranged, between which the new buildings of the residential complex “Vodny” are located.

In general, market experts estimate the transport accessibility of the object as good, but a trip to the center of the capital is also without traffic jams.


The project developer is MR Group.

According to the project declaration, the developer of the residential complex Vodny is LLC Housing Corporation, a subsidiary of the developer (the official founder of the company is the same Cypriot company Dallaswood Holdings Limited, which appears in all project declarations of objects implemented by MR Group).The group of companies has been operating in Russia since 2003 and occupies a leading position in its niche (in the top 10 of the country's largest developers, the finalist of the Developer of the Year competition according to the CRE Awards). Region of work: Moscow, the region and the city of Sochi. The portfolio of MR Group has about 27 projects (5 million square meters). For many of his projects, the developer has received recognition in professional circles and awards in prestigious competitions.

The largest developer of the capital attracted a team of professionals to the implementation of the project described:

  • famous architects (SPEECH bureau, whose founders S. Choban and S. Kuznetsov have experience in Germany).

  • reliable contractors (Renaissance Construction - a foreign general contractor, the largest in the Moscow region),

  • largest real estate agencies

  • and even a bank - the Zenit banking group acted as an investor in the Vodny residential complex project.

Mystery shopper

First of all, Golovinskoe cemetery got into the view of a secret buyer, it is located in close proximity to new buildings and can be seen from some windows of the residential complex “Water”. However, managers of the developer claim that the cemetery is not functioning and will be demolished in the near future.Also, potential buyers are confused by garages under the house, power lines under the windows and spontaneous markets nearby.

A big drawback of the project is the secret buyer sees the status of housing - even if you bought an apartment in the residential complex “Water”, you cannot register in it, since all the residential premises in the complex have apartment status. But for visitors, temporary registration is possible (for 5 years), which can be extended “indefinitely”.

The rest of the residential complex “Water” can be described only from the positive side: developed infrastructure, good transport accessibility, proximity to green areas, comfortable living conditions (convenient layouts, a wide choice, design decoration of public places and the surrounding area, the ability to order repairs in the apartment from design studios).

Alternative sellers

The implementation of apartments and apartments in the residential complex “Water” is carried out by professional operators: the Est-a-Tet company, several times recognized as the “Realtor of the Year” and the “Metrium Group” (a strategic partner of Sberbank). As well as the developer himself. On the sites of popular bulletin boards you can find offers from other real estate agencies (“Floors”,“Miel”, “Ostozhenka”, “Inkom Real Estate”, “Garant”, “Intercom System”, “Preobrazhensky Real Estate”, “United City Real Estate Service”, Diadema, “Krost” Concern, Free-Flat), and from private owners . Agents offer to rent some apartments.

Construction progress

The official site of the residential complex “Vodny” of the project reflects the progress of construction of new houses in the news feed and in the form of a monthly photo report in the section with the corresponding name. Potential buyers have always had the opportunity to follow the construction progress. Two webcams worked at the site: one showed a top view, the other a close-up (only one camera is currently working, aimed at building number 6 under construction).

Photo frame from 03/09/2018 from camera number 1

The latest photo report of the developer on the construction process is dated 01.03.2018.

Case number 6 ("Hamburg"). 01.03.2018

Verbal report - dated 27.02.2018. According to the developer’s last message (taken from the news feed on the project website), the monolithic works in the last residential building “Hamburg” are being completed (24 floors are being installed). Builders plan to have time for delivery (3 sq. 2018).

The construction of this building started in the first half of 2017 (the construction permit was issued in July 2016).It is worth noting that the term of validity of the permit for the construction of this object the developer was forced to extend until December 2018, because the work schedule changed - the deadline was postponed from the 2nd quarter of 2018 to the 3rd.

Permission for the construction of five residential buildings (under the general name “building 6”) was issued in April 2013, implementation period - until October 2016. Permission to enter was received on August 31, 2015 (actually buildings 1-5 were commissioned in October 2016).

The first building in the framework of the Vodny IFC project - a shopping and business center is not just put into operation, but has already accommodated many specialized shops, catering establishments, and a cinema.

Apartment renovation

Apartments are rented without finishing. The entrance doors are installed in them, to comply with the stylistic design of the corridors, the developer ordered the same door designs, which are distinguished by high aesthetic properties, but do not “boast” reliability.

Communication networks are pressed to the wall and partially recessed into them (with the exception of pipes of the heating system — they are laid along the floor) and do not take up much space. Installed heating radiators, collectors - on the floor.Double-glazed windows.

The ceiling height of residential levels - 3.1 meters. Interroom partitions are not erected. The surface of the walls and interfloor partitions is flat (no additional work and the purchase of appropriate consumables for leveling is required).

Electricity was brought into the apartment, but there is no internal wiring.

The walls in the apartments LCD “Water” aligned

Sanitary wiring

Heating pipes

Double-glazed windows

For an additional fee, we offer a turnkey repair, design decoration from the Co-Progetti studio (ready-made projects in the style of the latest Italian trends, the possibility of choosing finishing materials). In the sales office of the residential complex “Vodny” there is a showroom where you can witness your future apartment.


Apartment prices

Apartments and apartments are being realized in the residential complex: among the offers you will find studio apartments and roomy Euro dressers (from 70 sq. M).

* prices for apartments in the residential complex “Water” are relevant as of 03/12/2018

Purchase terms

Mortgage for buying an apartment in the residential complex “Water” can be issued in one of the partner banks of the developer:

  • Sberbank;

  • VTB;

  • AHML ("House of the Russian Federation");

  • Transcapitalbank;

  • Revival

  • DeltaCredit

  • Absolut Bank

  • UralSib

  • Russian capital

  • Zenith

  • Agricultural Bank

  • SMP;

  • Opening;

  • Raiffeisen Bank.

The minimum mortgage rate is 6.45%. Among the programs are “Mortgage with state support for families with children”, “Mortgage for housing under construction”, “More meters - less rate”, “Ready housing”, “Victory over formalities”, “Apartment purchase program”, “Easy start” .

A special offer is valid - when buying an apartment, a discount of 14% is provided, 7% for apartments in Hamburg (the amount is limited). And also a 3% discount with full payment (100% payment).

The installment is granted for 3 months, without interest. But the first installment should be at least 50%.

Possible risks

Since the terms of commissioning on one of the buildings moved, the question arises about the risk of unfinished. To exclude it, the developer took all the necessary measures:

  • the land plot has been acquired in ownership (purchase and sale agreement, is freely available on the project website);

  • liability to equity holders insured in the JSC "VSK" (6th building, which is still being built);

  • issued a revolving construction loan in the Zenit banking group and attracted it to the project.

The remaining risks of buying are associated with a worsening situation in the area of ​​residence.The main problem of Muscovites owning their own vehicles is parking near the house. Residents of the residential complex “water” will not have such an opportunity (the yard without cars), but the developer has provided ample underground and surface parking on the territory of the complex (about 1250 m / m for 1750 apartments).

The impression of the residential complex “Vodny” spoils its proximity to the cemetery, the SIZO, power lines and industrial enterprises. In the rest, the location area of ​​the MFC “Vodny” can be described only from the positive side (green areas, ponds, developed shopping and entertainment and social infrastructure, good transport accessibility).

Results: Pros and cons

In general, the project is perceived positively. Even secret buyers give him high marks (about 7 on a 10-point scale), the IFC has many advantages compared to similar residential complexes in the comfort class, but there are some insignificant disadvantages due to the assumption of the developer and the location of the object.


  • panoramic views from the windows;

  • the buildings are handed over (the developer issues the keys when making a purchase);

  • entry to the territory of parking with smart cards;

  • near many green areas, ponds, reservoir;

  • well-maintained reservoir beach in 15 minutes on foot (considered one of the best in Moscow);

  • metro 2 minutes walk;

  • own shopping center in the territory with a cinema, shops, consumer services and banks on the first floors;

  • social infrastructure is developed in the area;

  • enough parking places (underground, above ground).


  • the territory is not fenced;

  • literally under the windows of the cemetery (800 m);

  • bad ecology (proximity to industrial facilities in the area);

  • there is no possibility to register in the apartment;

  • 1 km from the complex (on Vyborgskaya Street) the SIZO is located;

  • under the windows are garages, power lines.

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  • Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group

    Review LCD Water from the developer MR Group