What is a dress code

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What is a dress code? Rules for choosing clothes

Familiar word -dress code, true? What it means is a set of rules prescribing how to look in certain situations, mostly business and official.

What does the dress code mean
How to dress at home, no one has the right to specify. Although there are rules for home, family etiquette. But the dress code still helps to look appropriately at work, when going to social events (at a dinner party, wedding ceremony, award ceremony).

Why is it important to comply with the dress code?

Today, the dress code is part of the corporate culture of any reputable company. The firm develops its requirements for the appearance of employees, but, of course, while adhering to generally accepted rules of business style in clothes.

It is believed that the dress code works on the image of the company, increases customer confidence, showing respect for them and generally a decent level of the company.

Therefore, in many companies, the requirements for the form of clothing are specified immediately upon admission to work. It happens that to observe them is not so simple.For example, even in the midst of a hot summer, ladies are not allowed to come to the office without tights.

In addition, it requires the presence of several sets of expensive, high-quality clothing, rigor in the approach to accessories and makeup.

Dress code at work
But those who do not agree with the requirements of the dress code should look for work with a more democratic approach to the appearance of employees. Indeed, for violation of the rules rely on various penalties and penalties.

In some firms, it is imperative to strictly observe the dress code from Monday to Thursday; on Friday, however, arbitrary style of dress is permissible.

Dress code official

In invitations to official events indicate the appropriate occasion form of clothing. We will explain what certain terms mean.

What is the style of white tie

The style is the most formal, applicable in ceremonial, ceremonial occasions: an international reception, award ceremony, a high-ranking wedding ceremony, a ball.

Men are supposed to wear a dress suit or dress coat with a white bow tie, patent leather shoes, and a vest that is certainly white. Even white gloves are recommended.

Dress code
Ladies put an evening dress in the floor, high heels, gloves, a miniature evening bag.In this case, loose hair and bijouterie are inadmissible; natural jewelry is appropriate, watches are not allowed.

What is the style of black tie

Black tie is not so strict, but also has its own formal features. Suitable for events such as theater premiere, formal evening reception, wedding.

A man should be in a tuxedo, white shirt and black bow tie. Shoe need black shoes.

Official dress code
Women should wear an evening or cocktail dress to the knees, closed high-heeled shoes, a hat is possible, no gloves are needed, jewelry is allowed.

What is formal

Formal means a formal evening event, almost the same as a black tie, but a bit more creative is allowed.


For events such as an anniversary, a corporate holiday, a meeting of the New Year in the restaurant, women are allowed - trouser suits or knee-length skirts, flashy accessories, men - suits and black shirts with colored ties.

What is a business dress code

Business attire is based on rigor and elegance. Meeting with business partners, interviews, signing contracts suggest a concise and taut appearance.

Business dress code excludes jeans, cleavage, sports shoes, bright colors, massive jewelry.

This style of dress allows for the use of several colors: black, brown, dark blue, gray, beige. Bag, jewelry and watches should be carefully selected in accordance with the suit and be of excellent quality.

Business dress code
Ladies in a business setting wear closed shoes that are in harmony with the colors of the dress. Office classics - black color of shoes, white business etiquette is not provided.

What is a business dress code is the need to have several strict suits in your wardrobe (women can also wear trouser sets). Every day should come to work in different clothes.

The skirt should not be too narrow and longer than the knees. Universal option for ladies - white blouse. Decorations are allowed a little, the footwear is supposed to be kept in perfect condition, on a low heel. Manicure is preferable to French, makeup - natural, barely noticeable.

Men, according to the dress code, change shirts and ties every day, wear black shoes and a belt of the same color. An important caveat: socks should be of such length that, when a man sits down, his bare legs are not visible.

In general, business style is a strict classic, which is always in trend.

Informal style

A free, informal style of clothing (casual) is applicable at entertainment events, picnics, parties, sports competitions.

In such cases, jeans, jumpers, shorts, T-shirts, polo shirts, sports shoes are quite acceptable. Accessories can use any, in the hairstyles freedom and creativity are also allowed.

Informal dress code
The style is good in the absence of a clear framework and strict requirements, but it is applicable in informal situations.

Knowing what a dress code is, observing its prescriptions for each particular case, you will always look appropriate and dignified, evoking the respect and approval of those around you.

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  • What is a dress code

    What is a dress code

    What is a dress code

    What is a dress code

    What is a dress code

    What is a dress code

    What is a dress code

    What is a dress code

    What is a dress code

    What is a dress code

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