Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

Maria Soboleva

Your first business day. How to behave in the new job?

We all go through this - we get a new job and here it is, the test - the first working day. And let it be another place of employment in a row, a team unfamiliar, the rules of internal order and other duties. What should a recruit do and how to behave?

First day at a new job

In many ways, the first working day will be decisive - what impression you will make on your colleagues and immediate supervisor, how to cope with your quite natural excitement.

Actually the work, most likely, you will do little. This day is more informational.

You have to meet with colleagues, with the structure of the company - related departments, other departments.

First work day

It is necessary to find out where the office equipment is located and how it works, how the system of internal communication is organized, who to contact on various issues - technical, domestic, administrative.

On the first day at the new place, you will have to complete the procedure: you need to write an application for admission to work, to get acquainted with your duties, set out in the job description, internal regulations.

You have to sign an employment contract. Therefore, on the eve prepare all the necessary documents, specifying their list in the personnel department.

How to prepare for the first working day?

On the eve of entering a new job, it is better to contact Eyuchar, who conducted the interview with you, and to clarify with him some important points: at what time you need to be in place, will any of the employees meet you where you should go.

You must know what dress code is accepted in the company, and ask about its rules.

Of course, your first working day will be exciting. Therefore, in order to be in the right shape, spend the day before, without any tension, in a calm atmosphere.

It is better to sleep early, women give special recommendations. To look good, in the evening take a bath with herbs and sea salt, you can with pine extract, make a mask for the face. The dress in which you appear on the first working day, think carefully and cook in the evening, collect the bag.

How to behave on your first day at work

Are you worried about how your colleagues will accept you, what the boss will think, will it be possible to quickly get up to speed and not be misled?


Your excitement is understandable, but you have to pull yourself together. How should a newcomer behave and what should not be done? We hope our recommendations will help to spend your first working day with dignity.

The begining of the work day

Get out of the house early to get to the place without haste and hassle. It is important for you not to be late for work, but it makes no sense to come too early.

If no one met you, go to the secretary and find out how to proceed - to get acquainted with the workplace or immediately go to prepare documents about admission to the personnel department.

Meet the team

Of course, it is more correct when a new employee is represented by the head of the department. But it happens in a different way. Sometimes you have to meet yourself. Greet with a smile and introduce yourself: I am your new colleague, such and such ...

Do not expect everyone to be equally friendly with you. But you must be friendly, calm and confident. In the nuances of relationships in the team will understand later.

First day at work

Immediately all employees can not remember, do not hesitate to ask again the names of those to whom you refer.

Getting Started

Nobody expects from you labor exploits on the first working day, but you should immediately show yourself to be a responsible person, determined to quickly get up to date.

Most likely, having come to a new job, you will have to endure a trial period. Ask your boss what duties you will have to perform, what is the expected result from you.

On the first working day, of course, it's time to get confused, but you should not show your helplessness - what should I do? It is better to correctly clarify - I am ready to begin my duties, where should I start?

At first, it is better to record all the information - the names and positions of the employees, managers, the structure of the enterprise, the phone numbers of the companies with whom we cooperate.

Make notes

Do not be afraid to ask questions to your colleagues and boss, because it is quite natural on your debut work day. But do not overdo it, excessive obsession can cause irritation.

Introducing corporate culture

Experienced colleagues will gladly tell you about the many nuances of the company's traditions. Not bad to find out more details on the first working day:

  1. overtime practice accepted;
  2. whether corporate events are held, how often, on what grounds;
  3. practice team building;
  4. how to refer to each other (on "you" or on "you");
  5. how birthdays are celebrated in the department;
  6. where employees dine - in the office, in a special canteen, buffet in the company, whether joint meals are taken;
  7. as often allowed tea drinking and breaks in work.

You will not know everything at once, but you will be able to figure out the main points on the first day. Listen more, remember, sometimes ask interesting questions. Show your interest, but not excessive curiosity.

First day of work - tips

The excitement of "recruits" often provokes to commit unnecessary deeds and annoying blunders. To avoid them, it is better to prepare for the opening, as they say, on the subcortex, what to avoid and be sure to remember:

  1. behave confidently, but not assertively. There should be no arrogance, familiarity, obsession;
  2. willingly communicate with colleagues, but do not overdo it - frankly, blurt out all your personal secrets and generally do not talk much;
  3. try to establish contact with those who work recently, they can share their experience of joining a new team;
  4. one of the coalitions that often exist in work collectives may immediately try to attract you to your ranks — keep neutrality;
  5. Be observant - you have to learn a lot of interesting and useful things: about the manner of communication of colleagues, their relationships, who is the leader in the team, about discipline and various organizational issues;
  6. do not be a perfectionist - on the first working day it’s impossible to do everything and get the job done perfectly;
  7. it is also useless to take the initiative of a newbie - your brilliant ideas may be inappropriate or have already been tried and rejected. First get up to date, and then put forward suggestions;
  8. it’s better to be alert right away - you may encounter mobbing on the very first day, so don’t be afraid to fight back the insolent one, immediately show that you don’t give yourself a grudge.

First working day after vacation

On the first working day, it is difficult not only for new employees. We completely forgot about vacationers. Rest is over and it's time to go to work. How to enter into the work rhythm? Psychologists have some useful tips for you.

To work after vacation

The main thing - do not strive to embrace the immensity. Proceed to the cases should be gradually, without forcing events. The body must reorganize to the working wave. Therefore, the first day at work is an adaptation.

In order not to get lost from the pile of future affairs, make a list of what you will be doing in the near future - a plan of action. Distribute cases by importance. Get organized in the workplace, sort out the mail.

You will not get away from communicating with colleagues — the latest news will be told to you, and you will share your impressions of the rest.
It is useful to visit employees from neighboring departments - you should all appreciate your tan and blooming appearance.

Show photos taken on vacation, give souvenirs to your colleagues, treat you with something delicious - you must have brought something.

Let the first working day after the holidays become a warming up, otherwise you will not avoid stress at work.

The first working day after the decree

The first working day for young mothers leaving the decree may not be easy at all. During this time, much has changed, we must get used to it. Yes, and enter into the new status is not easy - now you are a working mother.

Work after the decree

What you have to do:

  1. communicate with the head and colleagues;
  2. meet new employees;
  3. find out new requirements for your work;
  4. analyze what you have to learn and whether you can do it yourself.

What not to do:

  1. be late - prove that working moms can be punctual;
  2. Too much and talk a lot about your baby, everything is good in moderation;
  3. call home often to find out how they manage without you;
  4. worry, blaming yourself for the fact that you left your child without maternal care.

The first working day - it happens so different for returning vacationers, for young mothers who came out of the decree and for those who got a new job.

The common one is understandable excitement and some confusion. Listen to the advice of psychologists, we tried to find the most relevant of them. And successful to you, easy debut in the workplace.

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job

    Your first business day. How to behave in a new job